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Current years, vehicle sales make money of enterprises an every day annual growth .

%, while the replacement parts business product sales total wages increased . percent total household average higher than the marketplace average. king air 350 parts increased, and sketched out some of our parts and components industry, the continued expansion in the scale. As support to build up China’s industry, China’s broken parts industry is showing a few major trends. Industry Chaos begun to take layout The end of or to Liuzhou as the particular leader, radiation Guilin, Nanning, Guangxi Yulin parts market segment cluster was officially brought out.

The industry cluster to get a new, new efforts vehicles and engines for a breakthrough, cultivating their personal brand, codeveloping technologies to wreck through the bottleneck to make a new competitive advantage. Just as recent years, Changchun, Jilin, Hubei Shiyan, Wuhu, Anhui, Guangdong Huadu, Tianjin and therefore Hebei Bohai Economic Range and other components field base of the swiftly rise of China recently been basically formed the northeast, Beijing and Tianjin, central, southwest, Yangtze River Delta, the concentration of generally Pearl River Delta state in six major stages. In addition to supporting largescale mobile within the audience outside the domestic parts industry cluster development, typically for the three regarding forms: the first is actually relying on the traveling factories around the coming of components and parts industry; the second is counting on the zone, parts County Development industry; third will be the development of parts and as a result components industry, relying along the county level.

According to incomplete statistics, the current domesticbased replacement parts there are to a selection of industrial parks to which involves , where the core cluster areas or areas and specific zones of about . Each morning industrial cluster taking shape, around the time on the building alive, beware linked with “set instead of group” phenomenon from the gives gradually. Experts called for your quality of industrial groupings will have a major impact on China’s spare parts industry to upgrade increase. parts industry cluster is no simple accumulation within the number of enterprises, but alternatively is a system group.