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In Holland a new world record has been achieved for the fastest ever time to install parquet hardwood flooring at the Dutch Parquet Championships. The hardwood flooring event made media headlines in Holland where the competition to lay these real wood floors was broadcasted live on television. The team of several fitters that set the record managed to put the wooden floor in a staggering three and a half minutes! The championships were held as part belonging to the parquet wood flooring exhibition which gave visitors regarding opportunity to admire important solid wood floors displayed.

When the fitters got ready to lay flooring in a highly organised fashion it drew a large group who were ready and waiting to witness an alternative world record being set before them. The floor was made up of metres and was completely fitted in three minutes and . seconds. Wooden parquet floors have risen in popularity recently as it offers people an unusual twist on the traditional solid wood floor. This kind of flooring has been laid for many years and was particularly popular inside Edwardian period as well as during the 30’s and 40’s.

However this style of flooring recently suffered a decline in demand through the recession just a several years ago. However this particular style of flooring alongside wooden floors is starting to become more indemand again towards the relief of wood flooring manufacturers and retailers. Parquet flooring is made from a number of different shades and textures of wood such as oak walnut cherry lime pine or maple as well as the richer tones of mahogany wood together with other tropical woods as well as bamboo.

These wooden flooring boards are laid either intermittently or in a pattern to create a design on the wood floor. Most often these designs are geometric or angular. Its name comes from the French word for parqueterie which translates as the idea of from parquet this associated with wooden flooring was originally designed to replace marble floors which needed to washed constantly to maintain its beauty. Whereas wooden floors only need assessment of the amazing sweep once per week in order to buy them looking at their good. Arizona arrest records free advised by many parquet flooring manufacturers never to use a vacuum on real wood floors as the vacuum can scratch the wooden floor leaving it looking dated and damaged much sooner than you must pick one.